The concept for the  Artisan Festival started 47 years ago as a fall celebration that was  known as Country Jubilee. The Pinellas County Historical Society has sponsored the event since its inception  with all profits benefiting Heritage Village and the preservation of Pinellas County’s history.

At the 2024 Artisan Festival, juried artisans MUST demonstrate or speak about their craft of yesteryear and are able to sell their unique handmade wares.  Period attire is optional.  Attendance is estimated to be approximately 3000.

The Festival is spread across a 21-acre park with paved walkways, historic structures and many shade trees. You will be able to drive to your assigned location for ease in set-up and tear-down.      

The Pinellas County Historical Society encourages all artisans to help showcase yesteryear’s life skills and crafts so today’s populace can experience history at Heritage Village.


DEADLINE for Artisan's applying is SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2024 at midnight. 

All information in this application will go directly to our jury committee. 

All artisans must demonstrate or discuss the process used to create their wares if they are planning on selling their creations.

ACCEPTANCE of your Application by the jury committee will be within two weeks of submission.

Cost is $50 (Your card will only be charged if your application is accepted by our selection committee).

Artisan will be assigned a 10' x 10' area within the park (Contact us with any special needs).

Artisan is responsible for setting up their own area. (Tent, table, chairs etc).

If electric is needed you must notify us and there will be a charge.

Before proceeding have 2 pictures of your craft items and 1 picture of your booth set-up to upload. 

You will receive an email once you're accepted. An information package with your location and other information will be emailed about two weeks prior to the event. 

All Artisan vehicles must ENTER on 125th Street at GATE 2 in front of the H.C. Smith General Store.

All vehicles MUST be through Gate 2 by 9:30 am. LATE ARRIVALS may be REFUSED ENTRY.

10:00 am Gates OPEN to the public and all spectators are welcome

No vehicles may move during the show per Pinellas County Regulations.

Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry.

Questions, contact: Sandy Bozeman at [email protected] or call 727-459-4142

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The Heritage Village Artisan Festival is a display of Traditional Craft's.

What is a traditional craft? A traditional craft invloves using historical techniques and traditions to create a contemporary product. If you use a traditional technique, please select from the craft categories listed below or add your own unique category at the bottom.

Upload one picture of your set-up and two of your craft that are less than 5MB. PICTURES REQUIRED.

Please provide information on the vehicle you'll be driving day of show.

Please provide day of show contact information.

  • Artisan Registration

    Artisan Registration

    $50.00 ea.

  • Do you require electric? If YES... Click (ADD) below

    Do you require electric? If YES... Click (ADD) below

    Access to (1) one 110 / 2 outlet box will be provided

    $25.00 ea.

Please take a moment and CLICK to DONATE. 100% of your DONATION directly supports Heritage Village and our Mission to Preserve Pinellas County's History! Thank you for helping us help Heritage Village.

Suggested Amounts

The billing section below is a total of your Heritage Village Artisan Festival REGISTRATION FEE and your DONATION. Thank you! Once your application is accepted by the selection committee you will be notified and your credit card will be billed. You will see "WPY" as the name charging your account that is an indication a payment was processed by WePay a CHASE Bank Company. 

Billing Information

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We have received your application, which will now be reviewed by the jury committee. You can expect a response from us within the next 14 days.

Please note that your card will not be charged until your application has been accepted. By completing this form, you are agreeing that your payment information will be used to process the full payment when due.

Kindly be aware that a $1 pre-authorization charge will appear on your card momentarily to verify its validity, but this charge will be reversed immediately.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact...

Sandy Bozeman: 727-459-4142 - Phone or Text

Jan Oberlag: 913-706-0604 - Phone or Text 

Email: [email protected]

For additional information please visit:

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