The concept for the  Artisan Festival started 47 years ago as a fall celebration that was  known as Country Jubilee. The Pinellas County Historical Society has sponsored the event since its inception  with all profits benefiting Heritage Village and the preservation of Pinellas County’s history.

At the 2024 Artisan Festival, juried artisans MUST demonstrate or speak about their craft of yesteryear and are able to sell their unique handmade wares.  Period attire is optional.  Attendance is estimated to be approximately 3000.

The Festival is spread across a 21-acre park with paved walkways, historic structures and many shade trees. You will be able to drive to your assigned location for ease in set-up and tear-down.      

The Pinellas County Historical Society encourages all artisans to help showcase yesteryear’s life skills and crafts so today’s populace can experience history at Heritage Village.

We Thank You for Volunteering and Helping Support Heritage Village

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